Roche Castle Long Panoramic

Black & White Tall Panoramic Roche Caslte with drumlins on the Castles southern side taken in 2012. This was the seat of the De Verdon family, and used to be known as ‘Castlellum de Rupe’ or de la Roche - The Castle of the rocks.

It is said that after the death of her first husband, Roesha De Verdon returned to Ireland and set about fortifying her castle in Roche. Roesha had such a bad temper that no architect was willing to work for her. Eventually she decided to offer her own hand in marriage to the man who would build her castle and despite her temper, being a handsome and wealthy woman, the castle was soon completed. On the eve of her marriage Roesha called the architect, soon to be her new husband, to their marriage quarters. Opening the large window and looking out over her castle and lands, she bade her new man to observe what was soon to be his new found wealth. As he looked out, Roesha promptly pushed him to his death on the rocks below

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